Demented are Go, live 23.07.2022,Strom München

Pure Psychobilly – Endlich wieder live in München

Strom, Lindwurmstr. München

Demented Are Go (DAG aka Demented Are Go!) are a Welsh psychobilly band that was formed around 1982 in CardiffWales.[1] They were one of the earliest in the initial wave of bands to mix punk rock with rockabilly, and as a result, are considered to be highly influential to the psychobilly scene

Demented Are Go formed in PenarthSouth Wales, near Cardiff. Initially, the band was disorganized, with Mark Phillips or „Sparky“[2] playing drums, Ant Thomas singing, Richard Jones playing bass, and Steve Jordan, playing rhythm guitar with a gold-top Les Paul. The band’s image was represented by Jones‘ red dyed hair and Jordan’s leather trousers. Dick Thomas, a veteran musician of the punk-pub rock circuits,[1] joined the band in early 1983 and proceeded to reshuffle the line-up (Thomas moved to drums and Phillips sang vocals), taught the bass player how to play his instrument, and, otherwise, consolidated the overall band.

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